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UX Game Designer at Creative Assembly. I write about UX in Games and Review Books about Design, Career & Life.

The work of UX design is not all colorful & creative solutions on cutting edge innovations. No one talks about the boring hard work that goes into designing a product.

Text & Coffee: Boring parts of UX design

Do you think of UX Design as this cool job that is always creative and we all sip on lattes all day?

Practical tips from a UX Designer (me) that have worked in creative app studios, as a consultant, small startups, huge companies, and now I’m a UX Designer at a AAA video game studio!

I will go through:

  • How to design your portfolio
  • What to add in a CV
  • How to write a great Cover letter
  • What to say and ask in the interview
  • Extra tips on how you will succeed when got the job

👋 Hello Designer Friend!

UX Games Designer breaks down the best design updates in the latest Pokémon Sword & Shield game for Nintendo Switch! Let’s take a look at what they changed and why it’s great UX design!

Scene showing the new camping and cooking features in the game, with some of the new Pokémon added to Sword & Shield.

A little bit of background

Emotional Design — Nudge — The Psychology of Video Games — Ruined by Design

Game UX Designer review & top takeaways on some of the most popular books about design in games, physical products, choice design & ethics.

User Friendly — 100 Things — Lean UX — Mismatch

My reviews and short takeaways of some of the most popular books about UX design & understanding the people we design for.

You can read smarter, faster, and get more out of books. I have read & listened to 70+ books during lockdown. You can too!

I have used these tricks and habits to listened to 60 audiobooks and read 10 paper books in 2020 & 2021 so far!

1. WHAT are you reading?

Big Magic — Creative Confidence — The War of Art

My reviews and short takeaways of some of the most popular books about creativity and what they teach us about how to make ideas become a reality despite life’s obstacles.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck — You are a Badass — Personality isn’t Permanent

My reviews and short takeaways on 3 popular “Self-help” books about how to look at life in a better way, get out of bad mindsets & care about what really matters in life.

These Books Will Shake Up Your F*ng Life

Atomic Habit — The Power of Habit — Good Habit Bad Habit

My reviews and takeaways on 3 of the most popular books about how to create the Habits and Mindset to reach our goals in life. It’s not snake-oil, it’s science.

Anna Wikström

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